Electronics Service

Our range of services in the Electronics sector is wide and extensive. Right from Automation services to providing maintenance and installations of security and surveillance, we offer almost everything.

Automation Service

A flick of your finger could get you a marvelously designed system that can ease off your worries within minutes. Automation is the in thing today, be it at homes or in offices.

Theater Service

Today, almost every high end home has a home theater system – a state of the art, well designed system that resonates with those living within the homes. We also make theater systems for small businessmen and offices who want mini theaters installed within their premises, for commercial purposes.

Security and Surveillance Systems

Make your homes and offices safe and sound with our security systems. Ensure the safety of your loved ones at home and make the most of a vacation when you’re away by keeping a check on your offices with a security camera.

Maintenance and Trouble Shooting

Not only do we make your work extremely easy, we also provide excellent services to our clients by way of trouble shooting and up-to-date maintenance services.